Tips For Decorating Your Florida Beach House With Style

19 April 2018
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If you recently purchased a Florida beach house for your family to enjoy on vacations to the coast, then these interior design tips will help you decorate it in style:

Tip: Use a Lot of White or Light Yellow Paint 

When you think of a beach house, the color white likely comes immediately into your mind. Since this is the same for everyone, painting your beach house any color other than white will make it look "off" to visitors.

If you just can't live with the brightness of an all-white house, then use a light yellow paint. The yellow paint will also fit your beach theme and it will provide a bit of mellowing for your eyes.

Tip: Paint the Front Door a Pastel Color

While the rest of your beach house should be painted white or yellow, you should paint its front door a bright pastel color instead. The pastel paint will contrast beautifully with the light color and will give the house an island look. In addition, the pastel-painted door will be welcoming for your visitors and help them feel relaxed and at home.

Tip: Use Coastal or Nautical Themed Curtains, Pillows, and Linens

Using nautical-themed linens, pillows, and curtains are the perfect way to give your beach house a coastal theme. Things such as royal blue and white striped curtains and pillows will fit in well with your white walls and will really pop. As design trends change over the years, it will be inexpensive to update your beach house's look by swapping out the fabric items for some that match the current trends.

Tip: Replace the Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

One simple way to make your beach house's kitchen and bathrooms have some subtle coastal style is to replace all of their cabinet hardware with beach themed options. Handles and drawer pulls with shells, starfish, or beach glass give off a beach vibe without your having to over-decorate with wallpaper or bowls of shells.

Tip: Use Local Artwork to Decorate the Home's Walls

Finally, to add a local and authentic touch to your family's new beach house, invest in some local Floridian artwork by a Palm Beach artist. Paintings by local artists of scenes of the Bahamas or Palm Beach landscape will add a perfect touch to your beach house. The artwork doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be local and fit with the beach theme you are trying to create.